Our Story

BRISK is an acronym comprised of the names of my kids and my brother's. It seems to fit because ever since I started this business sales have been...Brisk. My name is Bob Wilson, the owner of Brisk Camper Sales. My family enjoys camping, so I started this business just over nine years ago. I bought my first camper in 2005. We used it, sold it when we outgrew it and then I bought another. That was almost 15 years ago. I started on a farm out of an old machine shed with gravel floors, driving 23 miles one way to show a camper. I then moved to a cold storage building in Tea with no heat and two lights. The best thing was the low overhead helped keep my prices low. Now I operate out of a heated, well lit shop just west of Hartford next to Gillespie Outdoor Power Equipment. I like the chance to sell gently used, newer campers to people looking to get into camping affordably or for others to upgrade for a reasonable price. If you see something in my inventory that you like I want to give you a chance to check it out, ask questions and hopefully make a purchase if it makes sense to you. My low overhead and flexible hours of operation allow me to extend to my customers better prices than what they would find on a traditional dealer's lot. I take pride in the fact that a lot of my business is referral based. I look forward to meeting you and possibly running into you out in the great outdoors.


We sell the nicest used RVs around at our Hartford, SD, location.

We do everything by appointment and are happy to work with your schedule, including nights and weekends. Please call, text, or email to set up a time to find your next camper in our climate-controlled and well-lit building!

We've been selling the best used units anywhere since 2010.

Does BRISK Finance?

Yes! Rates are 3.49% for 5 years ($18.19 per $1,000) and 4.49% for 7 years ($13.90 per $1,000) on any 2012 or newer RV WAC. Must live, work, or have immediate family in Minnehaha, McCook, Turner, or Lincoln Counties to qualify.

Where does BRISK get its campers?

All of our campers are trade ins. We work with dealers and buy their gently used trade ins. We've been working with the same few dealers for years and have built lasting, trusting relationships. They understand our high expectations.

When we started this business, we did it one at a time. We bought one, camped in it, and then sold it. If we wouldn't camp in it, we wouldn't buy it. We hold that same philosophy today.

Do we sell parts?

We do not sell parts. With parts so easily accessible on the internet, we find it cheaper and more convenient for everyone to just refer people online.

How did BRISK get its name?

BRISK is the first letter of each of our children's names. People love to ask what came first: the business or the kids? The kids. The first letters spelling BRISK was pure luck.

Does BRISK buy campers from private individuals

In short: not very often. Agreeing on a price while maintaining extremely high standards are high hurdles to cross.

Do we rent campers?

Not at this time. 

Where do I make camping reservations?

Easy answer! Click to see how to make a reservation in several states' reservation systems:

South Dakota   |   Iowa   |   Minnesota   |   Nebraska


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